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Twitter is the New Marketing Tool

March 21, 2013

Marketing with Twitter

Twitter has been around for a while now, but more and more companies are being to create twitter accounts for their businesses. Twitter is a great marketing tool for new and old companies to expand their resources and reach their audience. In an article I found, there are 6 main uses for companies to have a twitter. According to the article, marketing through twitter is a profitable capital for marketers and even anyone who wants to make themselves a brand to promote. These 6 reasons are successful concepts for creating and maintain a Twitter account for a company.

Marketing and strategy

Support and Research

The first two are customer support and research, because questions that a customer may have are quickly asked and can be responded to quickly. This also allows the problem or question to be resolved at the consumer’s convenience. Using Twitter for customer service is an important marketing technique because it is shown in an article from MarketingProfs, “Among the brands listed on the Interbrand Top 100, more than nine in ten (95%) use Twitter and nearly one in four (23%) use it as a customer service platform (i.e., they have a Twitter handle dedicated to customer service).” This proves that top brands and companies have had significant success in having a customer support area for their consumers.

Informing and Promoting

The next two benefits are promoting and informing. Companies can take advantage of the ease of using twitter for promotions and how instantly their customers can be updated with information. When companies ask questions or interact with their customers they increase your traffic, buzz, and establish a loyal set of followers. Having a twitter to update followers can improve a company’s placement in their consumers mind. This also goes along with the branding part of a company’s marketing scheme. Click this link for other tips about using twitter for promotions.

Group Discussion and Branding

The final two reasons for companies to use Twitter for marketing, are for building community discussion and branding. Twitter creates a common place for a company’s audience to openly talk about the business and products. Seeing how a company handles issues or a company’s values is the branding aspect of marketing. Branding gives a company/product an identity and personality. According to one Bloomberg Businessweek, “Branding is about getting your prospects to perceive you as the only solution to their problem;” so that they will see you as the top choice of product or service.


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