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Mobile Apps Boosting Companies Revenue

April 17, 2013


Mobile apps are increasing company’s, of all sizes, income. With all the features that can be created in an app and presented to the owner of the phone, not having a mobile app is almost setting companies up for disaster. A mobile app can be specifically designed to the way the company desires which can keep each app unique. Mobile apps are more user-friendly than online websites and easier to access on a phone versus mobile internet.

Push Notification

One of the most important features of mobile apps is the ability to send push notifications out to its market and it can also increase a businesses marketing strategy. According to a website that features in digital marketing, it ha done research and has found the following statistics about mobile apps’ push-notifications: 540% increase in daily app opens, three times faster response time than email, and a 30% increase in social sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

Sales Increase

Mobile apps have also been said to increase the amount of sales a business gets through easier mobile browsing and a faster connection to what the consumer wants to browse. Mobile sales have increased due to the fact that people can shop from nearly anywhere. The number of places a user can shop for a businesses items are endless from “the morning commute, waiting in line for movie tickets and sitting in a doctor’s office are all places people could be using their smartphones to shop your store or engage with your brand” – Mashable.


Another benefit of companies using mobile apps is that they can target their users based on location. This unique attribute allows businesses to send out possible promotions based on occurring events and an area that a user is in. This is called geo-targeting. Having the ability to change a promotion quickly is a key in mobile apps because for other medias of marketing from television commercials, radio ads, to billboards, these all take time to submit and have air, as opposed to a mobile app can just be updated and it’s promotion is already being viewed.

Time-Savvy Offers

The final characteristic about mobile apps that I thought is another one of the most important are the offers and deals that can be made for a business like Groupon. They can base their targets off of location and then send a push notification to a consumer to let them know that the deal is beginning of ending and what the deal is. This company promotes other companies and allows all of their users to get the best deals and in the most timely matter.


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